About the Masterclass 

The aim of Women In is to support and promote female entrepreneurship through different types of events. Our philosophy is to give a voice to all women entrepreneurs and to help elevate them on their business journey. For this reason our agency has launched a series of Masterclasses in France and around the world. The objective is for us to highlight the work of women who are passionate about entrepreneurship,  make-up and the cosmetology industry and  have turned their passion into a profession. It is through these Masterclasses that they have the opportunity to share all their knowledge on their topic of expertise with amateurs and professionals alike. 

These self-taught women have become professional and in some cases famous within their industrys, and today they make you  aware that all women have the ability to succeed, no matter what their background or experience.

We have selected a professional venue to welcome  women  wishing to improve their make-up and  professional skills without needing any previous experience. 

For this masterclass, you are guided by experts and celebrity artists using famous brands whilst sitting amongst prestigious guests. 

Each participant leaves with substantial technical knowledge lead by the experts on stage and  you will receive a set of quality products to improve your skills.You will also have the opportunity to participate  and to build your skill sets through active participation in the masterclass.Throughout the event you will also have networking opportunities to build quality relationships within the Women’in community!

Why Exhibit?

influencerenglishRecurso 2

Showcase your expertise

influencerenglishRecurso 3

Find investors


influencerenglishRecurso 4

Develop an international network

influencerenglishRecurso 5

Create partnerships

influencerenglishRecurso 6

Explore strong international markets such as the Europeen,  Gulf region and Qatar

influencerenglishRecurso 7

Increase your brands visibility with our influencer audience

influencerenglishRecurso 8

Connect with international and national buyers

influencerenglishRecurso 9

Get feedback from your users

influencerenglishRecurso 10

Generate direct sales

influencerenglishRecurso 11

Create new marketing content

influencerenglishRecurso 12

Build awareness of your brand

influencerenglishRecurso 13

Meet start-ups

influencerenglishRecurso 14

Find international ambassadors

influencerenglishRecurso 15

Find new prospects

influencerenglishRecurso 16

Launch a new product

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Increase traffic to your social media

« Reuniting companies globally for a unique event. It’s the crossroads of innovative products and creative concepts for those who are passionate about the cosmetology industry. »

Why Attend?

The workshops will teach:

Business strategies in branding and sales

We bring you the best mentors and artists in their fields

Make up looks for daily use, corporate/office, special occasions

Hair techniques and industry trends

Sponsors & Partners