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The Women In International Tour start from Doha !

La Cigale Hotel welcomes you on April, the 11th for a unique Make up Master Class concept in Qatar : an European Edition ! An unprecedented experience during a course to improve and share skills on make-up techniques.

A brand new concept : Make up MasterClass European Edition with 2 Make up Artists, 2 differents techniques, 2 opposite continents reunited in one city.

About the program, a first Middle East Make up session presenting the oriental influences and techniques will be managed by a surprise talented Make Up Artist from Middle East.

To take a break and learn more about the Women In ambition and philosophy, the participants will have the chance to attend a Female Leadership and Entrepreneurship conference managed by 2 speakers who will focus on the topic of AMBITION.

Then the French Make up Session will be managed by Zhanmaakeup a famous French Make up Artists, known for her work with brides and celebrities on video clips sets, photo shoots, fashion shows, etc. This moment will be the occasion to share with you the french and european techniques but also to meet the many Qatari beauty influencers and make up artists guests.

During this day so many surprises to come, gift bags, special guests, Q&A Session, conference, networking, meeting and photos with beauty influencers …

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Women’ In

Une première pour IR Event : le Qatar !

C’est par Doha qu’IR EVENTS débute sa tournée internationale de Masterclass en 2019. Une expérience inédite qui propose un cours de perfectionnement et de partage d’expérience sur le maquillage. Un concept European Touch pour le rendre unique.

Une Masterclass inédite à Doha : 4 Make-Up Artists, 4 techniques différentes, 2 continents opposés réunis dans une même ville, 1 concept exclusif. 

Au programme, une journée partagée entre des conférences animées par des acteurs majeurs du leadership féminin et des ateliers Masterclass avec nos Make-Up Artist Qataries et Européennes.

Notre challenge, faire découvrir les secrets make-up des Françaises et des Européennes au Qatar !